Fastcut Plus Edition 2.0

The program edits your videos automatically to fit the beat of the music! What if I can't find the right song? That's not a problem - Fastcut includes a huge range of editing templates with music to fit any mood. Just lean back and let Fastcut do all the work. In no time at all you'll have the perfect video, ready to share. Discover the automatic video editing program for all your footage from smartphones, tablets, action cams and all other standard camera models.

Optimal compatibility for all standard action cams
Movie Wizard for automatic video editing with templates
Proxy video editing optimized for GoPro: Smoothly edit 4K & HD
Awesome music cut perfectly to different video lengths
Low cut filter controls wind noise
Precise fisheye effect correction

Plus edition features
Includes 60 Plus Soundtracks
Trim & rotate recordings
Export in SD, HD, Full HD, UHD
Image stabilization
Set clip highlights
Create your own templates
Advanced editing functions
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